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  •     1 TV pilot
  •     1 short film
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"The Initiation" (2007)

Lucas Lee Kicks Ass

Short film for the ATA 2007 World Championships
Panasonic HVX-200
Producer Lucas Taekwon Lee, Director Ian Truitner
Director of Photography Tim Otholt



"A young boy learns the grave importance of making good choices, and the impact it will have for the rest of his life."


Every year, the American Tae Kwon Do association produces an opening movie for the ATA World Championships, held at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Each opening movie is a visual spectacle, with an underlying theme expressing the values and morals each student strives for.  Projected on a 60' screen, the opening movie is seen by an audience of over 8000 viewers.

Unlike a regular short film, which will be viewed many times over to as wide an audience as possible, each ATA World Championship opening movie is unique, as the movie is only officially presented . . .



Months are spent producing the opening movie, only to be viewed one time.  After it is presented at the ATA World Championships, it is never seen at an official ATA event again.  How is that for longevity?

The other thing that makes "The Initiation" unique, is that the first half the story is told through the movie, and the other half is performed live, in a grand spectacle akin to the Cirque Du Soleil.  So months are spent producing only half a movie, that seamlessly transitions into a live show.

The theme for the 2007 ATA World Championships is about choices.  "The Initiation"  is a surreal story about Adam (Kyle Polhemus), a young boy faced with the choice to challenge himself and to achieve his full potential, or to take the easy path, and to live a life of mediocrity.  But before making his choice, he must confront his inner insecurities:  reluctance, delinquency, impatience, disdain, temptation, arrogance, selfishness and conflict.  To help him defeat his insecurities, he is assisted by the mysterious Mr. Lee (self).

"The Initiation" was shot on two HVX200s, in two days, with an extremely tight budget and under a breakneck schedule.  The look of the movie is the "white room" aka The Matrix.  Extensive post-production work was performed by the amazing jack-of-all trades actor-steadycam operator-editor-filmmaker Rand Gamble, including color correction, green screen compositing, garbage matting, and audio sweeting.




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