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"The Erogenous Zone" (2007)



(IMDB) Short Teen Comedy by EZ Productions
Panasonic HVX-200 + P & S Technics 35mm adapter
Director Nick Abdo
Director of Photography Tim Otholt



"When his life becomes obsessed with losing his virginity, a high-school student looks for help in The Erogenous Zone. "


In 2007 I had the opportunity to work with the amazing producer / director Nick Abdo, who's IMDB credits include "Exit to Eden", "Frankie and Johnny", "Beaches", "Pretty Woman", "The Flamingo Kid", "Laverne and Shirley", and "Happy Days".  Needless to say, working with a TV and movie veteran with over 20 years under his belt was an immensely enjoyable experience.  Nick knows his story, knows his actors, and really knows comedy, making him a director among directors.

"The Erogenous Zone" is a teenage coming of age comedy about Marty (Derek Keaton), a senior in high school who's still suffering from a severe case of virginity.  His object of his desire, Cynthia Crane (Sonia Rockwell), pays him little attention, leaving him constantly frustrated with unfulfilled desires.

Paying homage to the classic TV show "The Twilight Zone", the "The Erogenous Zone" includes an opening narrative by Dr. Wheeler, Marty's psychiatrist (James Eckhouse), and dissolves into a variation of the famous trademark title.

"The Erogenous Zone" was shot on the Panasonic HVX200 in 35mm 16:9, using the P & S Technics mini-35 adapter and Zeiss Mark III Superspeeds 35mm lenses (T1.4).  The movie has a traditional, high key lighting style, well suited to the genre. The Erogenous Zone is one of my favorite short films I've ever worked on.



My apologies in advance, as these screen shots were lifted from the DVD copy of the movie.

560105-1274298-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1274299-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1274300-thumbnail.jpg
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© Copyright 2007 Nick Abdo / EZ Productions.