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"Mirror" (2007)

560105-1322752-thumbnail.jpgDramatic short by the Oscar Media Group
Panasonic HVX-200 DVCPRO-HD
Director Wiley B. Oscar
Director of Photography Tim Otholt


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From the official website:

 "Vice Agent, Byron Adams, leads a secret life on his girlfriend, neurosurgeon,  Dr. Elizabeth Young.  After recovering from surgery, he discovers that his life has taken an interesting twist."

Wiley Oscar's "Mirror" is a movie about infidelity and it's ramifications.  Written by and starring Wiley Oscar and Temple Poteat.  Supporting roles by Schoen Smith, T.J. Hoban, and Vicent Morrone.


This movie was shot in 1280 x 720 DVCPRO-HD, using the Panasonic HVX-200.  Director Wiley B. Oscar wanted this movie to have a modern, TV drama feel - action where necessary, calmness when not.  I'm very pleased with the opening of the movie - a fantastic high shutter dolly shot to kick the movie into high gear.  Screenshots below.



560105-1322752-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322753-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322754-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322755-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322756-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322757-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322758-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322759-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322760-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322761-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322762-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322763-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322764-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322765-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322766-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322767-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322768-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322769-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322770-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322771-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322772-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1322773-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322774-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1322775-thumbnail.jpg