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Kaiser Possible (2005)


"Kaiser Possible" (2005) - Kaiser Permanente HMO
Short, Panasonic DVX-100 16:9 24p Anamorphic
Director Lucas Lee
Producer/DP/Editor/Graphics/Sound Tim Otholt


(Title Sequence) Windows Media Player 9.x 360 x 240 (3.5 MB, right click, save as)
(Title Sequence) Windows Media Player 9.x 720 x 480 (19 MB, right click, save as)

Back Story

Kaiser Possible - A great little short film for Kaiser Permanenete.

In addition to a very impressive title sequence (see above), I did all the graphics and compositing, including a 3-d model of the earth (texture maps coutesey of NASA's Blue Marble website).

I also shot two very impressive macro photography sequences - the head of a match from cold to full ignition, and a sparkler burning 1 centimeter from the camera lens (melting the safety glass I had on the front btw).

This was a great experience for both me and the client - it played to a standing ovation, and I pushed my cinematography and post production skills to the limit.


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