Tim Otholt
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At a glance...
  • As 1st unit DP
  •     1 award *
  •     11 feature films
  •     50 short films
  •     4 TV pilots
  •     31 commercials
  •     9 music videos
  •     5 instructionals
  •     10 industrials
  •     6 documentaries
  •     1 corporate PSA
  • As Director
  •     1 TV pilot
  •     1 short film
  • As Producer
  •     1 $100k TV pilot

"Day of Reckoning" (2006)

Day of Reckoning (2006)
"Day Of Reckoning" (2006) - Five Talents Films
Award for Best Cinematography
11 minute short, Canon XL2 16:9 24p
Director/Camera Operator Jason Rodriguez.
DP/Gaffer Tim Otholt


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It's not everyday you respond to a craigslist ad for a DP/gaffer and end up winning a Best Cinematography award 2 weeks later. But that's exactly what happened.

"Day Of Reckoning" (DOR) is part of the 168 hour film festival (, where contestants have exactly 7 days to write, cast, shoot, edit, and score a short film. Competing against 49 movies from 4 countries, DOR had 11 nominations and 5 awards, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Production Design, Best Sound, and my favorite, Best Cinematography.

"DOR", is a western about Jack Bauman (Paul Vroom), a father who's long ignored the dirty deed he's commited years ago, and the mysterious stranger (Darin Cooper) that has finally come to collect his revenge. By accepting responsibility for his evil past, and asking for forgivness, Jack's life is spared, and all debts forgotten.

With the exception of three shiny boards and a 60 amp generator, everything was shot on my lighting package. The movie's final color and contrast was created in a tape-to-tape telecine session, supervised by the director himself.

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