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"Back Soon" (2007)



Indie feature by Guest House Films
Panasonic Varicam DVCPRO-HD
Writer / Director Rob Williams
Producers Rob Williams & Rodney Johnson
Director of Photography Tim Otholt


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"The cinematography is beautiful, the actors play their parts perfectly, the script is literate and believable and the direction is excellent." - Amos Lassen, Little Rock Cinema Pride


When aspiring actor Logan Foster meets the mysterious Gil Ramirez at an open house, they find themselves inexplicably drawn together despite their disparate backgrounds - and the fact that they are both straight. However, their bond is soon threatened by Gil's past and a startling revelation about the true nature of their connection.

About "Back Soon"

Back Soon is the new gay romantic drama from Guest House Films LLC, the production company behind the award-winning Long-Term Relationship, which is currently playing at film festivals worldwide.  Written and directed by Rob Williams and produced by Rob Williams and Rodney Johnson, Back Soon stars Windham Beacham, Matthew Montgomery, Maggie Eilertson, Artie O'Daly, Bret Wolfe, Kelly Keaton and Bethany Dotson.


Here are some screen shots of this very dark, yet very beautiful indie movie:

560105-1323627-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323620-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323619-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1323629-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323628-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323625-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1323624-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323614-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323616-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1323622-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323621-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1323626-thumbnail.jpg

All images Copyright © 2006-2007 Guest House Films.


I had the pleasure of working as a gaffer on Rob William's first feature, "Long Term Relationship" (LTR).  Even tho LTR was shot with 35mm lenses on a Canon XL2 camera, the fact remained that LTR was a mini-DV feature, which isn't a selling point when dealing with potential distributors.  As I recall, LTR was shot in 12 days, with an additional 13th day to reshoot 1/4 of the movie when a supporting actor was recast after all his scenes were in-the-can.

The script for "Back Soon", Rob's second feature, was 85 pages.  The shooting schedule was only 10 days long (most features are 21 days), yet Rob wanted to surpass LTR in every possible way - a deeper story, Hi-Definition, higher production value, and a smaller crew.

This meant choosing a format, camera package and workflow that allowed us to shoot 8.5 pages a day.  I took a long look at the shooting schedule and made some hard decisions.  Steadycam and dolly shots take a very long setup time - a luxury we didn't have.  Also, we had to shoot as many scenes as "one takes", because shooting coverage can double or even triple the time it takes to shoot a scene.  And last, we had to do our best to create depth in the shot without resorting to 35mm adapters, as 35mm adapters require more light, more reshoots (focus is always a problem), a larger crew, and more time.

Taking everything into account, I decided the visual style of "Back Soon"' had to be very static - each frame needed to be beautiful all by itself, without the benefit of any gratuitous camera movement, closeups, cut-aways, or alternate angles.  We used a lot of negative space, unbalanced frames and perfect symmetry to create loneliness, solitude and isolation.