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  • As Director
  •     1 TV pilot
  •     1 short film
  • As Producer
  •     1 $100k TV pilot

"Arrhythmia" (2007)


Action short by  Liberty Belle Productions
Panasonic HVX-200 + P & S Technics 35mm adapter
Director Michelle O'Keefe
Director of Photography Tim Otholt



"For a young high school student, an innocent motorcycle ride turns into a run for life-or-death. "


"Arrhythmia" was shot on the Panasonic HVX200 in 35mm 16:9, using the P & S Technics mini-35 adapter and Zeiss Mark III Superspeeds 35mm lenses (T1.4).  Due to budget concerns, pickup shots were shot without the mini-35mm adapter.  Hopefully no one will notice.

The feel of the movie is very Terminator 2-esque.  Tungsten balanced nightime shooting with HMIs acting as moonlight, with backlights as much as a full stop over key, and lots of contrast.



My apologies in advance, but this movie is still in post production.  These initial screen shots were lifted from a (rather poor) DVD of the movie.

560105-1276521-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276522-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276523-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276503-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276504-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276505-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276530-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276531-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276532-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276527-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276528-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276529-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276515-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276516-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276517-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276520-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276519-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276518-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276506-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276507-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276508-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276509-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276510-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276511-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276524-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276525-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276526-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276533-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276534-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276535-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276536-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276537-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276538-thumbnail.jpg
560105-1276512-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276513-thumbnail.jpg 560105-1276514-thumbnail.jpg


© Copyright 2007 Michelle O'Keefe / Liberty Belle Productions.